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Faced with the anxiety that comes with something she never thought would happen, she has to try and figure out just what she wants and just what he wants. For two years Misha Collins has been working on Supernatural, but it's only been a few months since he started crushing on his coworker and best friend Jensen Ackles.Knowing his friend is straight, Misha is content to just be friends, and with him leaving the show indefinitely next season, that is probably for the best anyway.

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The extra assistance provided a reprieve for the busy couple. ” admits Genevieve of the destination planning process.

The couple based their wedding details on the valley’s naturally gorgeous winter landscape.

Can I request one were Gen and Jared foster then adopt the reader with the song prompt I'll stay?

Preferably would like Gen & Reader, Jared & Reader, Jensen & Reader, Danneel & Reader and if you can fit it in Rob Benedict & Reader.

With the weather so chilly, it was necessary to bring the outdoors “in” for the event.