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In the years since this incident reportedly took place, Gemma Arterton has fashioned herself as a champion for the equal treatment of women in the film industry.She claims that her personal ideals have caused her to miss out on roles, but she feels it is worth it to stand for equality between actors and actresses.Jake since then has been rumoured to have been in a relationship with Rachel Bilson and was in a relationship with…

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Gemma Arterton did not mention this specific film by name during her appearance on The Guilty Feminist podcast, but some have already begun to theorize about the possible film in question.

The former Bond girl has previously spoken out about the uncomfortable process of losing weight for her role as Tamina in 2010's star Jake Gyllenhaal notably increased his own muscle tone for the movie as well, so it would obviously prove interesting to be able to go back and see how the production monitored his diet and workout schedule at the time, too.

Fourteen months after reports surfaced that Jake Gyllenhaal would be joining Spider-Man: Far From Home, the 38-year-old actor is finally opening up about the true nature of one Quentin Beck (aka Mysterio).

Since 2003, Gyllenhaal has frequently been the subject of rumors, speculation and fan-casting whenever a highly coveted superhero role became available — including Spider-Man.

Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to talk about his Broadway play, ‘Sea Wall / A Life’.