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Sometimes clichés come into existence because there is simply no better way to describe a situation.

So when we write that modern dating is an absolute minefield, you’ll know it's because meeting an absolute tool is a very real danger many of us face.

When we first started speaking, I initially thought that I had hit the jackpot: he had immaculate grammar when texting (which is very important), was really good-looking and seemed totally normal (or so I thought) in a pool of not-so-normal Tinder men.

We got on really well during our first date, and I didn’t even mind when he insisted that we take it in turns to buy drinks.

To demonstrate this, we asked nine women to share their most dismal dating disasters, from the blind drunk model who sulked when he couldn’t smoke heroin in the cinema, to the holiday home sweetheart who stood back and watched while his date rescued drowning children.