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In fact, one study suggests that only children’s tendency to get picked on may have lifelong consequences, including being less adept at dealing with conflict later in life. You might have to rethink that strategy if you’re dating or working with an only.

Thanks to receiving the lion’s share of their parents’ attention as kids, only children often need more positive feedback when they’re doing a good job than those with siblings.

That “old soul” personality might just be the result of spending more time with grown-ups than with kids in their youth.

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Researchers in China have actually discovered differences in the brains of only children and those with siblings, the former being less agreeable than those who grew up with other kids in the family.

“One of the negatives is not learning how to share if parents don’t ensure that this developmental process happens,” adds Koenig.

However, if flying solo isn’t your style, This Is the Best Way to Make New Friends.

While kids with siblings often have someone else to pass the blame onto, only children have no such luck.

Is that colleague of yours stand-offish, or are they just an only child?