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Updated: The version downloadable from the site is a click-onnce application, meaning that each time you start the application, it checks online if no newer version exists. your server is not connected to the internet) and you want to download an off-line version, you can The tool is still in beta and I know there are still a few glitches.We are working on it and will post new versions of the tool frequently.

You can download the tool from the download section of the biwug site.

You can find detailed documentation on the tool and on CAML here.

More detailed documentation on CAML and the CAML Designer can be found here. I did not do this alone this time, I co-developed the tool with Andy Van Steenbergen, one of my friends at the BIWUG board.

One of our “users” – or may we call him beta tester? When I developed the first version of the U2U CAML Builder back in 2004, CAML was an exotic language that nobody knew and nobody wanted to learn.

When you open the CAML Designer and click the CAML Query tab, the logon dialog is immediately displayed.