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Indeed, exposing your love life to media is very risky.

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Mostly she was away from the media coverage so no much information was flashed to the public. Both were starred together for a movie named Betaab. The same goes to Sunny Deol because he was also from same luxury background.

She loves privacy rather than being in public exposure. Initially when he started his career in film industry He had a relationship with Amrita singh. Amrita hails from a rich family from a political background. Amrita singh made a public announcement that sunny deol was her real hero in life.

She was also an actress and ex wife of rajesh khanna. Both of her daughters were actresses in hindi film industry.

After the affair with sunny deol dimple daughters started to call sunny deol as chotta papa. Later this affair came to an end by his wife’s compulsion. but some sources says that they are good friends and no big affair exist between them. When this information flashed in media akshay was stressed because he was dating raveena at that time.

Being the son of a super famous actor, of course he is, too, famous.