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IMO babies don't belong at such loud events where people cheer like mad. For someone who's an Oscar winner, he sure hasn't lived up to his promise.

Call me overly concerned but that's a way too busy and uncontrollable enviroment where bad things can happen that are out of your control. Probably too busy banging every 16 year-old boy in London (since that's the age of consent there).

In March 2018, they revealed they were expecting a baby boy via surrogacy. Director Gus Van Sant took on his screenplay for the 2008 film Milk.

J/K but seriously, being a child athlete is not usually good for social development - Tom probably would not have latched onto to the first man who showed him attention if he had whored around for a few years like most gay boys...

R68 Tom has doubled down in recent years on it though.

The rich and well-off simply hire a nanny or babysitter for an evening.

I’ve seen rednecks try to bring infants to football. An infant doesn’t understand football, or sports in general, or anything really.

I was at the diving event and the baby was literally sitting in his lap, and playing by his feet the whole time.