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There is nothing about the life of a gay person that's different from the life of a straight person, except the sexual orientation. In the wider world, though, "gay" is often used as a shorthand to mean gay men, and "lesbian" to mean gay women. On average, gay people are usually more cheerful, as I know plenty as I am gay. However some people use the term gay generically to describe all same sex attractions. But the more acceptable term, if there is such thing, for two males who like each other romantically is gay. Gay in the old days did mean happy, lively, or cheerful.

It depends on an individual's preference and the context. It's a slang term for internet predators, who create a false online profile in order to lure someone into a romantic relationship. The term "gay" came from the Celtic word, "Gay" which meant happy, or free-spirited. Then it moved on to be known as two men who choose to have sex with other men.

Nowadays, in addition to the sexual orientation meaning, some people use the term gay as synonymous with… In current slang, gay can mean anything from something you don't like, to girls liking girls, however it is defined as GUYS liking GUYS. In the contemporary context, gay refers to people who are physically and emotionally attracted to members of their own gender.

It is sometimes split a little further by distinguishing between gay men and lesbians, although the term "gay" does cover both genders. The original term "gay" was used to denote Happiness.

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