Dating someone with borderline personality

Mental health stigma is extremely pervasive — especially in terms of dating — but in the end, it’s no different than dating while managing the symptoms of a physical illness.In some ways, I’m grateful for the ways my borderline diagnosis has pushed me to constantly grow as a person and as a partner.

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Overall, dating with borderline is not a hugely unique experience.

Dating with borderline is more boring than the stigma makes it out to be: My partner and I work, marathon Netflix, go on dates and late-night trips to Mc Donald’s, fight, apologize, and talk it out.

But this stigma is apparent when you're seeing someone new.

I’ve had dates physically recoil when I’ve shared my diagnosis of borderline, or people automatically infer that my mental illness means I’m unstable, and can’t be in a committed relationship.

As Davidson said in his Instagram story, people with borderline personality disorder can be in healthy relationships, just like anybody else.