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It is also a good idea to splash cold water on your face and the back of your neck, said therapist Perpetua Neo. To minimize any damage to your professional relationships, consider telling your supervisors and human resource staff members you suffer from panic attacks.You can inform co-workers, too, if you feel comfortable doing so and think it will help the situation.“Panic attacks are the body’s way of shouting that you are ignoring your mind and feelings,” Neo said. If you need a supplement to therapy to take the edge off your symptoms, consider seeing a psychiatrist.

Remember, it is illegal for anyone to discriminate against you because of a mental illness, including a panic disorder. You should not, however, avoid these triggers to the point where it affects your performance at work.

If your panic attacks start in the workplace, there might be situations, people or objects that trigger them. If presentations are a trigger, it might be hard to skip them and keep your job.

Keep reading if you want in-depth advice for future use.

Use these next steps to prepare and practice in case there is another panic attack.

Modifying your diet can reduce panic attacks, according to studies such as this one by Okayama University Medical School.

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