Dating sim hacked

Once this malware is online, other criminals are able to exploit compromised devices too.

Malware can include spyware that monitors a device’s content, programs that harness a device’s internet bandwidth for use in a botnet to send spam, or phishing screens that steal a user’s logins when entered into a compromised, legitimate app.

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Even if a pop-up isn’t the result of a compromised phone, many may be phishing links that attempt to get users to type in sensitive info – or download more malware.

The vast majority of such pop-ups can be neutralised simply by shutting the window – though be sure you’re clicking the right X, as many are designed to shunt users towards clicking an area that instead opens up the target, sometimes malicious, site.

i Phones may be less prone to hacks, but they aren’t totally immune.

Lookout for i OS flags apps that are acting maliciously, potentially dangerous Wi-Fi networks, and if the i Phone has been jailbroken (which increases its risk for hacking).

It’s free, with $9.99/month for identity protection, including alerts of logins being exposed.