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Subsequently I registered for speed dating events and decided to use the guarantee given to clients to claim a free event if they chose not to tick anyone during the speed dating. They organize nice events on Thursdays and Saturdays called laissez-faire. Their motto is The Lovestruck Laissez-Faires and quite frankly Denise, as Love Struck says “we are sick of being told what to do.” and we want to give our phone number to whoever wants it, guarantee or not.

I didn’t tick anyone and asked for a free entry to another speed dating event. It had been nearly two years since we had exchanged (exclusively through emails). Frustrated of handing over locks and keys during those events after so many years with the company? Anyway she thought she had to tell me proudly that she “had shares in the company” before adding that she was not a director though! Their motto is exactly the opposite: they don’t ask for money or for you to be even registered (so no need for you to check that you credit card is charged after a while for unwanted subscriptions! Other companies I have heard, such as also organize free single events.

I reiterated that I never intended to register as a paying online member.

I had to exchange many emails to be granted a refund and I found the argument unpleasant.

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