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The first circle’s center point is randomly generated at the beginning of every match, and is unveiled a few minutes into the game.The playzone is referenced in two ways on your map, a static white circle, and a moving blue circle.

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If you get lost while zoomed in on the map or for whatever reason can’t find your player icon again you can always press spacebar (by default) to recenter the map on your player icon.

Right-clicking on the map will allow you to mark a location with a colored pin.

You’ll quickly notice that the map is littered with yellow markings, these are buildings that contain loot.

You should almost always be trying to land at, or nearby these yellow marked buildings so that you can find weaponry early on.

If you zoom in slightly (scroll wheel by default) you’ll be able to see that each of these yellow grid squares are made up of 10 smaller, white grid squares.