Dating profile aggregator

This element is In this example, an aggregator could request notification by calling the cloud.notify method of the XML-RPC web service at, port 80, path /rpc.

This element is an empty element defined by a single tag and its attributes, unless extended by a namespace.

It failed three or more tests in Bottom Feeder, My Yahoo and News Gator Online. In a test of 18 aggregators, the only date-time values that worked in all of them took one of three forms: Thu, 0000 Thu, -0000 Thu, GMT Each of these values employs Universal Time.

The weekday, month and timezone contain an e-mail address, but there's no requirement to follow a specific format for such addresses.

The definitions of the RSS elements in this profile are provided for convenience and contain elements and attributes defined in a namespace according to the Namespaces in XML specification. All elements in an RSS feed that are not defined in a namespace be described in the specification.

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