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“Our team of nationally recognized transplant specialists has done outstanding work to provide the highest quality care and outcomes for patients in need of adult kidney, liver and heart transplantation.” Cleveland Clinic Florida received approval from the United Network for Organ Sharing to perform adult liver and kidney transplants in 2013 and adult heart transplants in 2014.To date, the center has completed 297 kidney, 157 liver and 46 heart transplantations.Our unique facility allows families the comfort of knowing all of their needs can be met under one roof whether it be a parents night out, a change in work schedule, an emergency etc.

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The multidisciplinary team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, transplant coordinators, dietitians, pharmacists and social workers in Florida works in close collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Transplant Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

A pioneer in organ transplantation, having performed Ohio’s first kidney transplant in 1963, Cleveland Clinic continues to advance the field, most recently in the areas of facial and uterine transplantation.

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