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Instead, girls are knocking at guys’ virtual doors, only to wait 24 hours to be met with radio silence or a less than stellar response.

In a world full of online options, I want to know who is really interested, and Bumble does nothing to help this or the aloof attitude from single dudes out there.

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Why does the quest for love seem so “easy” for some, and so, so difficult for the rest of us? But before we begin, let me just say this: (and I’m speaking for you here ladies, so please chime in if I got it wrong) while our attitudes towards our dating lives might not be optimistic of the time time, we’re still out there.

Today, you’ll hear from 5 Philly women, Melissa, Leah, Sarah, Tracy, and Tiffany, who are all out there in this city of ours, trying to make it work with a special someone. Dating takes work and time and money and creativity and humility and honesty, and here we all are, soldiering on.

Finally, after a few weeks and not knowing his thoughts I said, ‘So when are we going to see each other outside of work? Although nothing serious came out of it, we went on a bunch of dates, are still cool with each other today, and I’m not sitting here wondering ‘what if’.

No matter where you go on a first date, you want somewhere with an easy exit if necessary!

Melissa, 26, Delaware County: In person & I’ve used a few apps. Tracy: Tinder – there is generally more immediacy on the app and when conversation gets going it flows pretty well. With only 24 hours to initiate conversation, I don’t get overwhelmed by matches sitting in my queue. I like it because it’s more “relationship-oriented” & so far, the guys I’ve talked to on there are pretty straightforward. However, while I love Bumble’s “Girl Power” mantra and can see the benefits from being able to make the first move, it’s kind of exhausting.