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COUPLES: I help couples learn how to communicate with respect and to address specific challenges including: deciding to re-commit, surviving an affair, navigating blended family issues, setting financial priorities, and parenting adult children.

Gender stereotypes are dangerous but I often find myself helping women set boundaries and speak out; I often help men learn to listen.""Are you suffering from broken communication and/or conflict with your spouse/partner? Struggling to find your identity, mission, and purpose in life or facing a major life challenge?

Sessions focus on the 'here and now' while also exploring historical issues being triggered and mis-managed.

I confront irrational thinking and help clients re-script their less-than-helpful language around feeling 'not good enough,' 'broken,' or 'lost.' Ultimately, clients can expect to focus on their issues--whatever they may be--and will, in the process, come to feel genuinely known, accepted, and not so alone in the process of their lives.""Clients are welcomed into my space where ever they are in terms of understanding, self-awareness, and emotion--anger, tearfulness, confusion--all are accepted as part of the process.

"I hold a master degree in Clinical Counseling, and also have training within the area of Play Therapy Strategies and Techniques in working with children.