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We hit it off and began dating without calling each other “boyfriend/girlfriend”. She said I was everything she looked for in a partner. Don’t give your heart away so easily to people who don’t deserve it. Turns out, she felt people from other races were worth less and should have less/no human rights in order to make them become extinct in the future. Anyway, I felt sick in my stomach upon realizing she was homophobic and racist.Out of nowhere she began acting distant, unaffectionate, and then just texted me “this isn’t going to work out.” We only dated for a month and a half, but I met her family, her friends and I began to open up to her and trust her. I thought we would begin to actually date one another, but I guess that’s not the case. I sat down for 2 minutes on the street as I was quite shocked, then said something to her and just walked away.But how can you do…The only thing worse than being sick is when your SO is under the weather.

Regardless, I feel that I have a responsibility to tell you that the girl you fancy (or your girlfriend) have extraordinary expectations when they watch Korean romance serials!

Girls usually identify themselves as princesses while women identify themselves as ladies.

In fact, the trick about dating is just about the techniques.

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With this growing industry comes a lot of information that’s worth knowing.

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    To earn money for medical school, Egglesfield turned to modeling.

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    I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, just that I was socially awkward, and had a tendency to fixate on my crushes to near-obsession.