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You will want to demonstrate some domesticity in your profile.

Now, the men can safely directly in their online dating profile such direct statements like, “I want a relationship.” etc.

Some of the Gen X single men can even say, “I’m ready to settle down and have a family.” Women, we cannot. Even the men, I would suggest some slightly more subtle phrasing for them, depending on their whole profile. Women: One of my busy successful executive business women coaching clients is an amazing cook.

(Yeah, don’t you wish you were on HER Christmas Cookie baking list!

I used generational terms when I originally wrote this article, but really it’s about age cluster more than generations.

It has to do with the often singles in their 20s and 30s are still both figuring out themselves as adults, their work, and their life purpose path, and also then what they want in a relationship.

By that time, for the most part, singles have sown their wild oats and gotten over being a bad boy or attracted to them.