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Of course, the example of Jay Z is just an example. Here is a little tip: before chat with sexy girls, find something interesting in their profiles and start with a little joke about it. → The title tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Dating Naked, a reality show that aired on VH1 between 20.

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If you do not bring your thoughts in order, you will be scattered, and this is very noticeable even through the lens of the web camera.

A Russian woman will not like it if you do not concentrate all her attention on her during live video chat.

Remember that women's logic is peculiar to make paradoxical conclusions: a girl can be insulted and decide that she is just a toy for you. When everyone tries to please her and says: "I also like the songs of Jay Z", you can argue with her (in jocular form) that there are steeper singers then he.

Text dating chat allows people to be a little witty and braver than in real life if you know how to use it.

Fast Internet, messenger programs with the video chat function give as many opportunities as we did not dream 15 years ago.