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The program automatically recognises the words taken on the camera of your smartphone and shows the translation. ABBYY Lingvo x3 Mobile is a dictionary, which allows you to translate words and word combinations quickly and accurately in a moment.

This dictionary includes excellent coverage of new expressions and phrases including phonetic script.

Multisport tracking: Track your runs, cycling and more with mapped routes, detailed stats and heart rate zones.

Latest technology: GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor, barometer and compass.

Super light weight: Comfortable to wear every day, for sport and sleep tracking.

Notifications: Receive notifications for calls, messages, emails, and other apps on the always-on color touch display.

In order to pair your watch, sync your data and adjust your settings please use the "Mi Fit" mobile app, available for Apple i OS and Google Android. Yes, we constantly listen to our community's feedback and incorporate it into our software development roadmap to launch new features.