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Mixed race equals beautiful, and that is a scientific fact. Most Brazilian girls on dating sites speak very decent English. You either did not look the right places (a sugar baby website will not introduce you to the future mother of your children), or didn’t read the warning signs (more on that later).

If she likes you, you will know and if she doesn’t… One of my favourite things about dating Brazilians is how friendly they are. Brazilian men are super flirtatious, to the point of being aggressive, which is why Brazilian rejections hurt more than any other.

I know Brazilian couples that have married within months of meeting.

It is the sort of romantic story you would normally hear from elderly couples, not twenty-something guys and girls with looks straight out of a ‘Sports Illustrated’ magazine (yes, people in Brazil are that good-looking).

Within a couple of weeks of dating a Brazilian girl, she will introduce you to her family. Brazilian families are very tightly knit—so chances are her mother and sisters already know everything there is to know about you. Also, never show up to her house without an appetite.