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MURPHY: (Voiceover) But more chilling than the tantrums, he says, were the threats. BASSETT: Some of the most famous quotes are, ‘You know, I could murder you and there is not a thing anybody would do. But beyond that, ‘If it went that far and I were to get arrested, I could play a judge like a fiddle. BASSETT: I was going to leave now the Dallas office and go to the Washington office. (Photo of Dante) DEBORAH: And she just was talking about herself so much. MURPHY: (Voiceover) She also had no plans to share a bedroom with her new husband. (Key; door lock) MURPHY: (Voiceover) Not your typical newlywed behavior, to be sure.

(Spider web; photo of Dante Sutorius; spider in web; photo of Dante) Ms. MURPHY: (Voiceover) The new husband was dead in the basement. (Photo of Darryl; Christmas decorations; nutcrackers) DEBORAH: It really just all snowballed really quickly.

APHRODITE JONES (Investigation Discovery’s “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones”): This is a woman who spent her life playing the damsel in distress and, for most part, was able to fool and dupe every man who came across her path. And the doctor’s widow, Dante Sutorius, had to know that now all the old stories would come bubbling up. MURPHY: (Voiceover) Dante made it crystal clear that Darryl was to spend no money, no how, on a big wedding. I don’t care.’ MURPHY: (Voiceover) But Dante was not appeased.

He wasn’t looking for another love of his life, I don’t think, you know. (Voiceover) ..would go out to dinner with him and keep him company and go on his boat... (Photo of Darryl and Dante; wedding photo of Darryl and Dante kissing) DEBORAH: She seemed to be willing to spend her time with him, and that was good enough for him at that point. MURPHY: (Voiceover) They honeymooned at Hilton Head. (Voiceover) And so he’d just kind of tucked me in... SUTORIUS: ..gave me a kiss on the forehead and left. (Roses; photo of Darryl) MURPHY: (Voiceover) But Darryl, even making $300,000 a year, was stretched paying the bills of his first family: over $5,000 a month in alimony to his first wife, children with college tuition, and now all the costs associated with setting up a new household. Her mother didn’t have the stomach for such wild, almost impossible to verify, stories. Yeah.’ ‘Well, you’re under arrest.’ I get arrested. (Photo of Darryl; photos of Dante and Darryl; flowers; house exterior at night; photo of Dante; wineglass; photo of Darryl; photo of Darryl and Dante) Ms. And when he told her that, he said, ‘I’ll see you in court.’ And she said, ‘I’ll see you dead.’ MURPHY: (Voiceover) Ugly talk, a confiscated gun. (Dante; pistol; house exterior) TEXT: Coming Up MURPHY: (Voiceover) A weekend that would end with a bang. SUTORIUS: I remember, in my dream, hearing the noise. MURPHY: (Voiceover) Till his storm clouds rumbled past, Dante needed some breathing room.

(Photo of Darryl) DEBORAH: ...enjoy the theater and, you know, the nicer things in life that he enjoyed. MURPHY: (Voiceover) Someone else was looking for a new partner. But in the bedroom, there were problems right from the start. MURPHY: (Voiceover) She says Darryl hadn’t told her that he was impotent and would need an injection before making love. SUTORIUS: (Voiceover) I understood Darryl had a big ego. Dante says he constantly complained about the mushrooming credit card bills. (Photo of Dante as a child) DONNA: She listened sometimes, but then she’d look at Della and I could see Della’s face melt into the sweet little Shirley Temple girl. BASSETT: The way she got upset, the displays that she put on, the threats that she made were just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. One takes me outside to talk to me, the other one stays inside. It was going to be a very long weekend indeed at the unhappy home of Dr. Saturday night, she said she decided to go out and have a drink with her girlfriends.

(Photos of Dante; outside school; statue in front of school; photo of Dante) Ms. I’m going down the highway and I said, ‘Dante, why do you always take stuff back? MURPHY: (Voiceover) All of Sunday passed and still no Darryl. And after a while, I didn’t ask because he wanted me to ask, and it was just a way to hurt me.