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Mark Zuckerberg plans to give away 99% of his bn Facebook fortune as he announced the birth of his first child.

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In 2015, the social network was used by half the world's online population, with a burgeoning ad ecosystem and ever-more engaging media tools to keep users glued to their newsfeeds. 08/12/2015 Would you pay $750,000 for a single self-destructing ad?

That was the estimated cost of a day-long ad on Snap Chat- but with new data suggesting the chat app's video views are rivaling Facebook, it could be money well spent. 09/12/2015 You Tube has assembled a list of the top ten trending videos of the year, based on “views, likes, shares, searches, parodies, remixes and responses.” Altogether, these ten videos account for over 500 million views and the firm has put together its annual Full story...

Some substitutes list names of marriage agency owners who make them work for 2-3 months without pay, explaining it by problems at the bank and limits on transactions.

The average salary in Ukraine today is about US $200-300 a month, which dropped significantly in the last year from the previous amounts of US $500-800 a month due to the armed conflict in the country and subsequent economic crisis.

Smartphones outpaced tablets in buying AND browsing on #Black Friday: Qf K #Watson Trend— IBM Commerce (@ibmcommerce) November 28, 2015 Full story...