Xxx 24 cam - Consolidating album tracks in itunes

Alternatively, you can backup and restore your i Tunes Library using an external drive by following the steps in this article.

When you consolidate, copies of any files that were outside of your i Tunes Media folder are added to your i Tunes Media folder.

How can I consolidate all this into two albums on my i Pad's display (Classic Rock, and Classic Pop)?

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I have two large music folders for classic rock and classic pop; the former with about 750 songs, the latter with over 2000.

The tracks are tagged by year and artist name, etc.

This makes finding traditional albums far more difficult.

I know I could just rename all the "Artist" tags to "Various", but that would make it impossible to sort on artists, obviously.

Since it's unlikely that more than one song on the same album has the same name, you can feel confident that these are true duplicates.