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For instance, with a door sensor or smart door lock, a camera and the Xfinity Home app, you can set a rule to receive a text or email when the front door opens, then access your home camera footage remotely to see it was your teen coming in from school.Later, on the couch, parents can give younger children more freedom with the remote with the help of Xfinity TV and parental controls on Xfinity X1.

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We’ve also connected 170,000 low-income Pennsylvania families to affordable internet through our Internet Essentials program, which we recently expanded to even more homes across the region.

And we’re excited to see all the great things this year’s 78 Pennsylvania Leaders and Achievers Scholarship recipients go on to do once they reach college this fall.

For instance, with Xfinity x Fi, a simple, digital dashboard for personalizing, troubleshooting, monitoring and controlling your home Wi Fi network, customers have access to a number of parental control features.

Instantly pause Wi Fi connectivity by user or device, automatically pause home Wi Fi every night at bedtime and set a filter that ensures younger children can only access age-appropriate websites, apps and other content online.

Your remote may have an "On Demand" button to access the content quickly.