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You provide a URL pointing to a repository on the Git remote you wish to clone from.

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You can also import repositories from a Mac or PC by dragging directories into i Tunes Document lists.

If the directory does not contain a subdirectory at top-level, Working Copy assumes you want a new repository with all these files added. Data in Working Copy is organized as repositories, containing directories, which themselves contain either sub-directories or files.

When Coda is closed in the midst of a project and then reopened, the user is presented with exactly what it was like before the application was closed.

Another notable feature is the ability to add a Local and Remote version to each site, allowing the user to synchronize the file(s) created, modified or deleted from their local and remote locations.

The concept for Coda came from the web team at Panic, who would have five or six different programs for coding, testing and reference.