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"Cocky Comedy and Other Conversation Skills" is designed to teach men how to attract and get women addicted to them using cocky comedy.

It helps men understand the importance of laughter and the attraction women have for men with a sense of humour.

I think the general tips given here can be safety and effectively incorporated into any style of i've seen it. It's OK overall, but whether it is worth the money is open for debate. If you're looking to become a comedic version of Mystery, this will not get you there.

it was one of the lesser programs of DYD, comments on the speakers, well most of it i just didn't find funny. Like most of his programs he covers a lot of basics first. He also goes into some depth making sure you balance Cocky and Funny. (There I saved you $150.) I enjoyed the guest speakers. However, there are some good pointers, and it is motivational.

I bought it and was disappointed, there is nothing contained that is groundbreaking.