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They need a larger data base which I pray will happen Plus I think not many people are aware that there is a Christian Crush site and what it's all about. There are literally THE MOST expensive on-line dating service I have joined and to date, NOT ONE SINGLE MATCH.

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A sixth major difference is CC tithes 10% to local ministries and CM does not.

With CC, members know their financial contribution will be furthering other ministries as well.

I have a lot of memberships - some auto-renew and some don't, so it's tough to keep track of.

The overwhelming majority of businesses understand this and are understanding when I ask if I can get a refund from an auto-renew (I've probably had this happen about 5 other times - all the businesses were totally cool giving me a refund).

Primarily, they allow members to filter profiles based on various personality traits they desire. I had some nice dates with one lady but after about a month their computer insisted that I was a visitor and wouldn't let me on. Christian Crush so far has seemingly real Christ following men.