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Otherwise, when a roommate’s dude sleeps over every night for three months yet swears he doesn't owe anything because he “doesn't technically live there” (whatever the hell that means) the bills will stay unchanged.

My Advice: Even if this isn't something you think will happen, discuss it and put the decision in writing.

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This is also true when it comes to meeting potential roommates.

That girl at orientation who you thought would work out great because she claimed to be just as interested in classes as she was in going out? She’s going to fill all the common space in your tiny dorm room with extra dressers for her clothes, click-clack in from the club at 5 a.m. class, and put butterfly decals all over the walls.

Remember: having your name on the account makes it your legal responsibility.

You don’t want to be stuck holding the proverbial bag — and the full dollar amount — if someone leaves without paying their share.

Instead, I wonder whether the girls who lived there before my roommate and I also fled the space as quickly as their wallets could carry them after finding their landlord creeping around the apartment stark fracking naked when he thought nobody was home.