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We became close friends that Aruna’s husband used to come to my home if he was feeling boring and I used to go to their room when he was at home and spend some time and on weekends evening at 6 pm. So now comes the first incident where Aruna got a clue of my intentions towards her.

It was Aruna’s birthday and in the evening Aruna’s husband came to my room at 5 pm and said that they have a small celebration and he wanted me to join them.

Hello I am Krish from Bangalore came with one more real incident in my life where I had to give the ultimate pleasure of sex to a housewife.

The heroine of the story is Aruna and she had one of the perfect curves on her body her sizes were 34-30-36.

I went near him and shook him and he was sleeping like he will not come to his senses in another 12 hrs.