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This is a long post, but I just need to get it out there for my sake.

I know that this post might come across as a joke when others are dealing with worse, but I need to just talk.

Last year I decided to do an annual std test and the doctor threw in the testing for HSV as well even though I had no symptoms that I can ever remember. Though my number was very low (200-300ish)Ever since then I've had problems coming to terms with it, even with all the stuff out there about false positives, how common it is, and how, just unimportant, it is for lack of a better word.

I feel like itd be easier if I did get a couple sores so I would at least definitively know where and if I have the disease. but the other part of me would feel terrible for not disclosing. but I’m sad and I’m lonely and this stupid virus is this giant shadow looming over me that I can’t get away from. So, for what it's worth, you aren't alone either. I felt a bit better getting mine out too, even if it's only temporarily. Though I know the whole telling thing for oral hsv is a divisive topic.