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The Arabs forged the Rashidun (632–661), Umayyad (661–750), Abbasid (750–1517) and the Fatimid (901–1071) caliphates, whose borders reached southern France in the west, China in the east, Anatolia in the north, and the Sudan in the south.This was one of the largest land empires in history.Honestly, that doesn't really have much to do with race at all; rather, it has to do with the mix of personalities in a relationship.

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sounds like an episode of "Animal Planet" that never aired.

We need to take a step back sometimes and think about the way we perceive people.

If you can't genuinely say you know someone, then you probably shouldn't be making any assumptions about him or her. You should use your mouth to actually ASK about these differences, instead of settling with whatever it is you want to think.

* Misleading your partners on the intentions that you can reach some physical conquests, but is often the mark of someone who is leading this way of life in the hope of avoiding another problem; be sure that the deception is not part of your routine.

Please watch your footing as we step into the land of crooked double standards.