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The 6’0, 200-pound freshman is an electric athlete that Texas can move around the offense to get him the ball in space... For Moore, Duvernay’s move inside to slot raises a bigger question around what Moore’s role could be in 2019, as he initially appeared set to push for first-team reps in the slot.

If nothing else, he’ll be a key reserve that could provide the speed and versatility to play both inside and outside.

For the purpose of this preview, we’ll take a look at the wide receivers and tight ends out of the 11 personnel set.

Wide Receivers In Herman’s Texas offense, the three wide receiver positions go as follows: An X wide receiver (typically the #1 option outside), a Z wide receiver (typically plays opposite the X at the other outside wide receiver position), and the H wide receiver (typically lined up in the slot). In 2019, the XWR and number one option outside will be Collin Johnson.

Regardless, he’ll be a key factor in 2019, even if by often attracting attention elsewhere.