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That was also the beginning of a romance that sparked up for a little while.

There are many different girlfriends that Kiedis introduces us to through the course of the book.

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Manhattan has the third-largest population of New York Citys five boroughs, after Brooklyn and Queens, the City of New York was founded at the southern tip of Manhattan, and the borough houses New York City Hall, the seat of the citys government.

The name Manhattan derives from the word Manna-hata, as written in the logbook of Robert Juet, a map depicts the name as Manna-hata, twice, on both the west and east sides of the Mauritius River.

The small fort served as a trading post and warehouse, located on the Hudson River flood plain, the rudimentary fort was washed away by flooding inand abandoned for good after Fort Orange was built nearby in Henry Hudsons voyage marked the beginning of European involvement with the area, sailing for the Dutch East India Company and looking for a passage to Asia, he entered the Upper New York Bay on September 11 of that year 3.

Manhattan — Manhattan is the most densely populated borough of New York City, its economic and administrative center, and the citys historical birthplace.

The city was founded on September 4, by Spanish governor Felipe de Neve.

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