updating to 1 1 2 - American girl dating a kenyan man

I’m just saying that if she decides to pay rent for you so that you can move from Huruma to Hurlingham; so that she can park her BMW outside your digs without fear of it not being there in the morning…that’s a plus. 8 – : Since the dawn of time, women have been using their natural charms to get ahead in life. If your female boss ties that promotion you have been passed-over for ten times with a little nocturnal enterprise… ” 8 times out of 10, you’ll hit that all the way up the corporate ladder.

On the other hand men find it debasing and some how even under-handed to sleep their way to the top. 9 – : An older woman will understand that the social conventions of Kenya weigh heavily against a younger man marrying an older woman.

She is at the top of her game in terms of culture, complexion, weight and height.

The ebony or chocolate complexion, the smooth skin and the carefree laugh tells you that you are in a Africa, where every moment is a laughing and loving moment.

There is an actual chase, real thrill in overcoming stiff resistance and the pure satisfaction of achieving a near impossible goal. A young girl is likely to be living with her parents or sharing accommodation with a friend.