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Alberta’s recent leap in education policy is a small step compared to Ontario’s new sex education curriculum, which touches on “sexting,” consent, cyberbullying and masturbation, in addition to sexual orientation and gender identity.

As some Ontario residents continue to protest the new curriculum, parents and educators across Canada are asking some thoughtful questions about rights and responsibilities in preparing children for a world that is increasingly transparent, interconnected and diverse.

Project Reconciliation is a direct response to one of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's calls that Indigenous communities 'gain long-term sustainable benefits from economic development projects.' Will Donald Trump peacefully vacate the Oval Office if he loses the presidential election in 2020?

The American 1800 election showed that peaceful transitions of power are the result of choices made by individuals.

Ten years ago, provincial legislation in Alberta outlawed same-sex marriage (it would become legal only under the federal Civil Marriage Act on July 20, 2005).