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The pair make a handsome on screen couple, but fans have been delighted to discover that their romance didn't end kissing and dating production wrapped on The Dallasescorts Booth.

The possibilities of where this kissing position can lead will also get you turned on very quickly. To get into it, take the other’s bottom lip with your mouth and gently suck and nibble on it. Why you’ll love it: Since this kiss is a slow and gentle one, you’ll def be turning up the romance levels. How to pull it off: Sometimes you just want to smother your boo in kisses and this kiss is perfect for that.

As its name implies, you’ll be focusing on kissing your partner anywhere, but the mouth.

Consent means your partner actively agrees to be sexual with you.

The face and neck are areas with heightened sensitivity, so a good kiss can definitely stimulate and turn on you or your partner. When was the last time you were pinned up against a wall and passionately kissed? But before you spice up your next makeout, you want to make sure your partner consents to all your kisses.

How to pull it off: This kiss is the perfect way to say good morning or good night.