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Today, women are looking for a real man who lives with integrity, not a guy who pretends to be a 1920’s-style gentleman to hopefully impress her on a date.

So, if you’re a man who is looking to find himself a serious girlfriend, make sure you avoid these common dating etiquette mistakes: When a guy is keen to impress a woman, especially on a first date, he’ll often make the mistake of asking her to decide where to go and what to do on the date.

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You definitely should be a good guy and you definitely should be nice to women, but in today’s world, most women don’t expect or want you to behave like you’ve just stepped out of a black and white movie: avoiding physical contact, asking permission for a kiss or asking for permission to see her again.

Most women today prefer a man to be more relaxed and easy-going during the dating phases.

After the date, if she is constantly thinking about you and missing you, then she will naturally want to reach out and contact you in some way to signal her interest.

From there, you can chat and flirt with each other a bit more on the phone and then arrange another time to meet up.

The only exception with this is when a woman wants to make plans for the next date because you and she are hitting it off so well on the first date.

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